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Cisco’s Women in Tech at GHCI 2016

November 23, 2016

Though the number of women representing the workforce has gone significantly up in recent times, the number of women in engineering still remains relatively low. We at Cisco strongly believe that Women in tech play a very critical role in our success. Women in tech at Cisco excel in their approach to problem solving, eye for the detail, creativity, leadership, team building and at all the qualities that an engineering organization can greatly benefit from. So we encourage more and more women to be part of the tech industry and take more challenging roles. Hence, Cisco has been a strong supporter of Grace Hopper and this year Cisco is the “Gold” sponsor for GHCI.

The Grace Hopper, which is the celebration of Women in Computing (India) is India’s Largest Gathering of Women Technologists, is an excellent initiative by the Anita Borg Institute and presented in partnership
with ACM India.


The Grace Hopper Conferences not only provide a platform to showcase and discuss the ideas to the participants, but also provide an inspiration to follow their dream career in computing. Every year, more than 150 papers are submitted to GHCI by Cisco employees. This year Cisco teams will also be showcasing the smart city technology demo at GHCI. I am quite delighted by Cisco teams’ enthusiasm and commitment towards tech.

At GHCI 2016, teams from Cisco will be presenting their papers on the varied technology areas like engineering systems, data science, human computer interactions, system engineering, entrepreneurship etc. I am also looking forward to the paper presentations and tech ideas of all the participants at the conference.

GHCI 2016 is a really exciting event for all of us at Cisco and I am sure all the participants from Cisco are looking forward to some quality ideas exchange and career inspiration.

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