Cisco Greece

Create Productive Synergies


We are in the midst of a transition from the Information Age to the Digital Age. Over the next decade we’ll see tremendous growth of the Internet. Cloud, security, mobility, collaboration and other technologies are powering a massive opportunity. The future not just full of technological possibilities… it is also full of technological inevitabilities. The process of digital disruption is survival: “Disrupt or be Disrupted.”

Companies and countries that don’t digitize will lose to more innovative competition. New technology models…challenging traditional models, will only accelerate. This also means instilling the right processes, organizational structure and culture change.

Cisco is partnering worldwide with governments, companies and academia to accelerate digital transformation projects. Becoming digital also implies a culture change, which means training the current workforce to be successful in the jobs of the future. The types of jobs that are available today won’t be the types of jobs available 20 years from now. Digitization will drive innovation, growth and job creation. Through the Cisco Networking Academy, we provide knowledge and training for students and teachers on the skills required.

Technology can help to reduce unemployment and create digital skills to work in a digital world. This will not come only from large companies. It will come also from startups and entrepreneurs. Market conditions are forcing every company and industry to evolve, interface with customers and collaborate. All this requires exponential thinking… Think like a startup or entrepreneur… Not linear.

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