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Cisco Start-up Hub: Guide to crowdfunding

July 13, 2016

Throughout the centuries there have been many constants for entrepreneurs: you have a great idea, you find the funds to make it happen, and you bring good people in to help grow that business as quickly and profitably as possible.

Those elements have never changed, and they likely never will.Crowd

What has evolved quite dramatically, however, is the way in which you execute each of those stages, particularly when it comes to raising cash.

Crowdfunding is an option I’m sure anyone reading this has come across frequently in the past couple of years. Indeed, this isn’t the first time the topic has been covered here on the Start-up Hub.

It has grown incredibly quickly, from being the ‘quirky’ new kid on the block just a few short years ago to now being a mainstream source of capital set to overtake VC funding globally this year – with the total raised by crowdfunding in the UK in 2015 totalled at £245m and rising sharply

But despite such impressive numbers, this sector is relatively young. As a result, there are still a number of grey areas in terms of the best way to approach it.

In keeping with our desire to support entrepreneurial growth in the UK, we’ve created this tech entrepreneur’s crowdfunding handbook with the help of entrepreneurs who’ve been there and done it, along with experts from within the crowdfunding industry who have an inside view on what works best.

You’ll find plenty of top tips and in-depth advice on the following topics that will help increase your chances of crowdfunding success:

  • Overview of crowdfunding for tech start-ups

  • The rise of crowdfunding in the UK

  • Things to consider

  • Tips for launching a crowdfunding campaign

  • Tips for running a successful campaign

  • Life after crowdfunding: what happens next?

Cisco UK&I: The Tech Entrepreneur's Crowdfunding Handbook from Cisco UKI

We hope you find the guide useful. If you want to know more about funding tech start-ups, or you’ve got your own success story to tell, be sure to get in touch.

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