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Connected Cities: A New Model of Government and Citizen Partnership

Today, cities face a variety of challenges, including job creation, economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social resilience. In the age of the Internet of Everything (IoE), where connectivity has become increasingly prevalent, the networked connections among people, processes, data and things can be utilised to offer solutions to these urban challenges faced by citizens and the public sector.

In fact, cities serve as fertile ground for realising the promising value of IoE. In Malaysia alone, IoE is expected to drive a value of US$64 billion (RM214.11 billion) over the next 10 years, with US$11 billion (RM36.80 billion) of it originating from the public sector. (more…)

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Top 10 things cybersecurity professionals in Singapore need to know about the Internet of Everything

Built on the foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Everything (IoE) is accelerating, creating significant opportunities for organisations, individuals, communities, and countries as more things come online – along with the people, processes, and data that interact with them.

Setting its sight to be the world’s first smart nation, the Singapore government has already lay a solid infrastructural foundation to support IoT with the  Intelligent Nation Masterplan (iN2015) from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, and the Ministry of Communications and Information is now working on the Infocomm Media Masterplan for the next 10 years. Several proposed ideas, such as the Above Ground Boxes and Data Marketplace, will enable Singapore to leverage IoE’s transformative potential and help the nation develop smart, connected communities.

However, IoE adoption is not a bed of roses as, alongside new opportunities, there will also be fresh challenges particularly when it comes to cybersecurity. The IoE does not just require networked connections but secure networked connections in order to capitalise on the estimated trillions of dollars of value to be gained globally over the next decade.

To ensure that its residents and businesses can stay connected, while protecting their privacy and transactions, Singapore needs a robust and scalable nationwide infrastructure as well as cybersecurity professionals who are able to anticipate and address the security gaps that IoE will bring.

To help cybersecurity professionals cut through the hype and gain a better understanding of what to expect as the IoE continues to evolve, these top 10 observations might help.

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Industry Leaders Unite to Raise Greater Community Awareness of Cyber Security Issues

Last week, Cisco had the opportunity to participate in the Business/Higher Education Roundtable (BHERT), which saw industry experts from around the country come together to discuss issues relating to cyber security.

Top of the agenda was the urgent need to raise greater awareness of cyber security issues in the community. In fact, according to Edith Cowan University (ECU), cyber crime costs the Australian economy an estimated $1.6 billion annually. Yet despite cyber crime affecting thousands of Australian individuals and businesses every day, many people are still unaware of the issues at play because of a lack of understanding.


The (almost) final frontier: Singapore takes the Internet underwater

Subnero Logo 300dpi_smallThe underwater world is probably one of the last few frontiers, but in the near future, you may be able to take a selfie while snorkeling or diving and instantly share the photo on social media, thanks to innovations from Singaporean start-up, Subnero.


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Connected Rats and the Internet of Things

Okay, well not exactly ‘connected rats’, but at the Internet of Things World Forum recently held in Chicago, we learned that one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s favorite internet applications combines sensors in sewers with data analytics to combat the rodent nuisance in the city. Even more popular with his citizens is “Snow Plow Tracker”, an application that allows them to see in real-time which streets are being plowed and when. Not only does this help them plan snow-free driving routes, but Chicagoans appreciate the transparent way in which their city government shows when and where services are being delivered. (more…)

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