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Cisco APJC Leaders: Rajiv Niles, Director, IoE Solutions

Welcome to the Cisco Asia Pacific Japan and Greater China (APJC) leadership spotlight series, where Cisco executives share their expertise and vision, as well as their take on hot topics in the APJC region.

Cisco Executive - Rajiv Niles (July 2015)By the year 2020, an estimated 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, touting sensors to usher in a new era of smart living. This is the future of Internet of Everything (IoE) and the transition is well underway today. Rajiv Niles, Director of IoE Solutions at Cisco weighs in on the transformative nature of this emerging technology and what it takes to excel in this field.

Rajiv is responsible for the strategy, development and go-to-market plan of IoE solutions. He has played a pivotal role in establishing Cisco’s centers of innovation and new paradigms for innovating at the edge. A technologist and an IT veteran, his value to the business is evident in the Cisco offerings for IoE and the successful foray into vertical industries.

Q. Tell us about your multi-country  and multi-disciplinary experiences that got you where you are today.

I grew up in Australia and studied electronic engineering at the University of Western Australia. Having said that, I didn’t work a single day as an electronic engineer and moved into IT as soon as I graduated.

My career started in the mining, oil and gas industry, bringing networking and communications to remote mines and oil rigs.

I’ve always wanted to move to a country like Singapore, which has a strong regional influence where I can get more diverse experience. Cisco was also a natural choice for me, since I had been working with the company as a vendor. Being very familiar what Cisco did, I believed in its vision. So I applied and was flown up to the island state, landing myself a new job after 7 grueling interviews lasting 3 hours.

I began as systems engineer and accumulated a great deal of technical knowledge. Approximately 10 years ago, I transited into consulting engineering roles and business development, and currently hold sales leadership role for IoE. It is a natural progression. I realized that to be truly successful, we need to appreciate the big picture. As a technologist, we tend to be very specialized. In comparison, a business leader is a lot more all rounded. (more…)

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The Time is NOW! Security is the Talk of the Town

What do you associate ‘hot’ with in Bangkok? The summer heat? Spicy Thai food? You’d be right of course. However, we at Cisco have a brand new definition of ‘hot’ in the city and it’s ‘Security’ – the hottest topic and the talk of the town!

Themed “The Time is NOW”, we hosted the Cisco APJC Security CONNECTION 2015 partner event from June 23 to 25 in Bangkok. This served as an excellent platform not only to share the latest developments in the security industry with our most-valued partners, but also for all of us to engage, collaborate and explore the most recent innovative solutions from the Security Business Group, and discuss how we can help customers best address today’s dynamic threat landscape. (more…)

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The 4 rules of intercultural feedback – Cisco Style

Cisco relies on culturally diverse teams: from our sales teams to our engineers, to our HR-managers. Moreover, diversity and inclusion is Cisco’s recipe for our success. We work, play, celebrate, double-down and tough it out together, profiting from our diverse backgrounds to get the job done and even go beyond our job description. Yet there is one area in which cultural diversity can be tricky: when it is time to give each other feedback. (more…)

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Cisco APJC Leaders: Bastiaan Toeset, MD for Commercial and Marketing in APJ

Cisco executive - Bastiaan ToesetIn  this installment of the Cisco Asia Pacific Japan and China (APJC) leadership spotlight series, we speak to Bastiaan Toeset, Managing Director of Cisco’s Commercial segment and Marketing in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) as he shares insights on diversity in Asia Pacific and the new frontier of marketing.

For Cisco’s regional commercial projects, he leads the teams to deliver innovative business outcomes, empowering customers to take advantage of rapidly changing market conditions. As the leader for APJ Marketing he focuses on accelerating revenue growth as well as engaging clients and partners through digital and other pioneering marketing strategies.

Q. You’ve been at Cisco since 1998 – that’s a wonderful testament to the company in terms of career progression and growth. What can other companies learn from Cisco?

In my 17 years with Cisco, I’ve done many different things within the company, which has been exciting.  I started out in customer service which is related to my hotel management background. I was very new to IT initially, then moved on to sales and relocated to Asia.

Cisco has offered varied opportunities throughout my career. At every stage of my development I’ve been able to chart my course and articulate what would be good for my career advancement, the company and our customers. (more…)

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Best Interop Tokyo ever with eight award-winning solutions

Teruaki Hirano, Tomomi Maehara and Toshiya Ando receive the award on behalf of the company for the Cisco Hyperlocation Module

Teruaki Hirano, Tomomi Maehara and Toshiya Ando receive the award on behalf of the company for the Cisco Hyperlocation Module

Congratulations to the Cisco team in Japan! We are so thrilled and honored to see Cisco shine like it did at the latest edition of Interop Tokyo 2015, by scoring a record of two Grand Prix Awards and six other Best of Show Awards. Cisco Meraki was the best in the category of Cloud Service and Cisco Hyperlocation Module won the category of Mobile & Wireless – both awarded with a Grand Prix Award. This type of achievement acknowledges our innovation efforts to help our customers fulfill their business goals through our technologies.

Interop Tokyo is an yearly event and one of the largest in the IT industry in the APJ region. This year, 400 companies showcased their latest solutions and innovations to a vaste audience of 130,000 people over 3 days. (more…)

Cisco APJC leaders: Sandy Walsh, Director, Social Innovation Group in Asia Pacific

Welcome to the Cisco Asia Pacific Japan and Greater China (APJC) leadership spotlight series, where Cisco executives share their expertise and vision, as well as hot topics in APJC.

Cisco Executive - Sandy WalshOrganizations are increasingly paying more attention to two areas that are critical to business success and sustainability: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and human capital development. In this edition of the spotlight, Sandy Walsh, Director of the Social Innovation Group in Asia Pacific, shares her perspective on how taking a “Shared Value” approach can help to accelerate social impact whilst supporting business goals.

Sandy helms the Social Innovation Group, which leverages Cisco’s technology and expertise to develop innovative solutions to address social challenges throughout Asia Pacific. She has 25 years of multidisciplinary experience across human resources, professional training, sales, business consultancy and general management under her belt.

Q: Your career has spanned a gamut of roles from HR to consultancy to business leadership. Tell us about your journey.

I started my career in Melbourne, Australia. I studied public relations, but my first job was with an HR consultancy firm, in a sales and business development role, which gave me the opportunity to develop skills that have been useful throughout my career. I then moved into the training division of the company which was primarily focused on the emerging area of technology skills development. Many of the software programs have since been relegated to museums, nonetheless, I was intrigued by how technology was transforming the way people work.

Eventually, I had the opportunity to move to Singapore. I’d never been to the island state before, but I believe that when a “door” opens, it’s worth taking the opportunity to see where it may lead. So off I went with only a suitcase and an open-mind, tasked with expanding the business across Asia Pacific. Coincidentally, networking was emerging as a critical technology skill set at that time and so for the first time, it brought me into contact with my future employer (Cisco) as we expanded our training services to include Cisco networking courses. (more…)

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Fast IT. Fast Mobility. Fast Innovation.

Our New Enterprise Networks Vision Goes Live at Cisco Live 2015, San Diego!

In the context of a disruptive world where businesses are rapidly becoming digital, we are proud to see how we’ve been rising up to the challenge and fuelling business transformation across industries. More than ever, mobile devices are booming, customers are demanding personalization and new business models are emerging. With the network right at the centre of this market turmoil, our Enterprise Networks and Fast IT strategy have been evolving to facilitate our customers’ transition to the Digital Economy Era.

And now we just took another step forward by launching last week at Cisco Live 2015 in San Diego a new Enterprise Networks vision and the innovations that will help our customers advance their network, digitize and simplify their businesses – Fast. (more…)

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Cisco APJC leaders: Stephen Dane, MD for Security in APJC

Welcome to the Cisco Asia Pacific Japan and Greater China (APJC) leadership spotlight series, where Cisco executives share their expertise and vision, as well as hot topics in the APJC region.

Cisco executive - Stephen DaneThe Internet of Everything (IoE), hybrid cloud and hyper connectivity are transforming the business environment, leading to a renewed emphasis on security.

We speak to Stephen Dane, Managing Director for Security in APJC for his insights on the dynamic threat environment and the critical need for security everywhere.Stephen brings more than 20 years of experience in the IT and Telecoms industries, working in Asia Pacific and the UK. Prior to Cisco, he was the Vice President in Europe, Middle East and Africa for cloud-based Web security company ScanSafe, which was acquired by Cisco in December 2009.


Q: 20 years in IT and Security – that’s a great track record! What keeps you going?

Two main reasons: First, the security environment is really exciting and fast-paced. Second, it is becoming essential, for both organizations and individuals, to stay ahead of attackers as much as possible to protect ourselves.

The threat landscape is transforming so rapidly that we are literally tackling a different security challenge every day. It’s this dynamism and relentless pace which constantly keeps everyone in our business on their toes. (more…)

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Celebrating our people on Labour Day

As we prepare to celebrate Labour or International Worker’s Day in the Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China (APJC) region on Friday, 01 May 2015, I am drawn to remember the origins of this public holiday.

To me, Labour Day serves as a reminder of what collective strength has achieved for workers. It also highlights the role of employers like Cisco, and our focus on the well being of our people.

In fact Labour Day commemorates the victims of the Haymarket affair. Named after the Haymarket square in Chicago, where during a strike for the eight-hour workday in 1886, four protesters and seven police officers lost their lives. The event marks a significant change in the sentiment and nature of the fight for worker’s rights. (more…)

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Cisco APJC leaders: Ruma Balasubramanian, VP for Partner Organization

Welcome to the Cisco Asia Pacific Japan and Greater China (APJC) leadership spotlight series, where Cisco executives share their expertise and vision, as well as hot topics in the APJC region.

Cisco Exec: Ruma BalasubramanianIn conjunction with the Cisco Partner Summit 2015, we’ve invited Ruma Balasubramanian, Vice President, Partner Organization, Asia Pacific and Japan to share her thoughts on technology being an enabler and the critical importance of developing a robust partner ecosystem.

Ruma is responsible for the growth strategy of Cisco’s APJ partner ecosystem, leading a team which collaborates with regional partners to drive growth and enablement for the partner community. As a member of Cisco’s APJ senior leadership team, she also works closely with the Worldwide Partner Organization to scale global channel models as well as building the future partnerships needed to deliver compelling value to customers.

Q. You have a really impressive resume and it looks like you’ve been in the technology sector throughout your career. How did you get started and when did you get into the technology industry?

Like many people at Cisco, I did my undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering, and realised that while I liked the skills that I acquired in my engineering training, that I didn’t want to be an engineer. I chanced upon an amazing opportunity with IBM in sales and marketing and jumped at it. And it was funny because my entire family are engineers. My uncle, who has PhD in semiconductor physics, called me to congratulate me on my job with IBM. His parting words were, “at least it’s a good company” totally implying that sales isn’t a “real” job like engineering. (more…)

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